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From this area you can download:
  • the SynDEx software (last and previous versions for v8 and v7.X.X),
  • several executive kernels necessary to translate the executive files (macro-code) automatically generated by the SynDEx software into a source code (one executive file for each processor of your hardware architecture).

The SynDEx software

Warning: SynDEx is not a free software as defined by the Free Software Foundation, as all sources are not distributed. However, SynDEx is a freeware available for non-commercial use. You may download and use it, free of charge, provided that you agree with the COPYRIGHT.

The SynDEX user manual, tutorial, grammar, and the SynDEx reference manual may be directly accessed or downloaded from the documentation page.

SynDEx 8 (alpha) is a textual version which does not provide a built-in interactive GUI. It includes significant changes but is not stable. Find out this new version!

SynDEx 7 is the stable version that includes new features (vs. version 6)

  • An improved code generation (v7.0.8)
  • Multi-periodic applications
  • Adequation based on multi-periodic distributed real-time scheduling analyses
  • Verification of dependence cycles even though hierarchy
  • New Graphical User Interface for algorithm specifications:
    • Single window grouping all the definition operations,
    • Abstract reference,
    • Superblock,
    • Undo: yes, we did it!
NB: SynDEx v6 files are compatible with SynDEx v7.

  • SynDEx v7.0.8 is released for Linux 64 bits
  • SynDEx v7.0.7 for Linux 32 bits
  • SynDEx v7.0.6 for Windows and Mac OS X


  • In SynDEx v7.0.8:
    • Code generation improved for conditioned and shared memory communications applications.
  • In SynDEx v7.0.7:
    • For multi-periodic applications:
      • do not keep copies of operations for the schedulability analysis,
      • solve computation errors on start dates,
      • fix a bug on basic mono-processor example (considered as not schedulable in v7.0.6),
      • implement a missing case (when no operation assigned on an operator),
      • improve schedulability messages (use of "The system is not schedulable" message only for non schedulable applications, and use of "SynDEx cannot find any schedule for this system" message otherwise),
      • improve user manual,
    • Grammar more explicit for the adequation result,
    • "Save Adequation with Application" option reactivated,
    • Fix a bug while consistency check of the application,
    • Fix the revision number in the GUI.
  • In SynDEx v7.0.6:
    • Fix of a bug in multi-periodic adequation resulting in missing 'wait' operations when the adequation result was not displayed,
    • Bug fix in code generation when dealing with delays and shared memories,
    • Minor fixes.
  • In SynDEx v7.0.5:
    • Bug fix in reading precedence edges from .sdx files,
    • Bug fix in code generation when dealing with shared memories,
    • New 'auto-position' button in algorithm window,
    • Minor fixes.
  • In SynDEx v7.0.4:
    • Improvements of error/warning messages,
    • Minor fixes,
    • Addition of the reference manual to the distribution; this manual can be open, as other manuals, from the help menu of the main window.
  • In SynDEx v7.0.3:
    • Various bug fixes on multi-periodic support,
    • Improvements of error/warning messages,
    • Addition of missing files in the distribution.
  • In SynDEx v7.0.2:
    • Bug corrections:
      • Error "cannot open file" when "open file" removed,
      • Error "Not_found" when modification of duration during adequation removed,
      • Flattening improvement,
    • New refresh button in algorithm window,
    • More information about multi-periodic applications in the user manual.


Tcl/Tk 8.4 is required to run SynDEx:

  • For Linux:

  • For Windows:
      Use the ActiveTcl distribution which can be downloaded freely from Install the most recent 8.4 version for Windows (x86) even if you have a Windows (x64). Please note that if you have a Tcl/Tk version higher than 8.4, running SynDEx might fail. Renaming the dll should solve the problem.

  • For Mac OS X:
      You can install the ActiveTcl distribution which can be downloaded freely from Install the most recent 8.4 version for Mac OS X (Universal). Then before running SynDEx you'll have to change your DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH variable to use this Tcl/Tk instead of the default one installed in /System/Library. In the terminal, use the following command:
      export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/Library/Frameworks/Tcl.framework:/Library/Frameworks/Tk.framework:$DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH
      Please note that if you have a Tcl/Tk version higher than 8.4, running SynDEx might fail. Creating a symbolic link to the 8.4 version of the library should solve the problem.


SynDEx v7 runs under Linux, Windows, Mac OS X platforms:

Previous releases are available here.


Uncompress and extract the downloaded archive:

  • Under Windows, use WinRar.
  • Under Linux and Mac OS X, use the command:
    tar -xvzf syndex-7.0.x-xxx.tar.gz
This will create the subdirectory syndex-7.0.x (containing all the distributed files). The executable is the file named syndex-7.0.x in the bin directory.

  • Under Windows, add it a .exe extension. In addition for Windows 7, execute syndex-7.0.x.exe in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode.

If you experience any installation problem and the answer is not in the FAQ, please e-mail us a description of the problem, with enough information to let us a chance to resolve it.

From executive files to source code

SynDEx generates executive files containing macro-code. To translate this macro-code into a source code, you can use the GNU version of the m4 macro processor ( See the reference manual for more explanation.

  • Executive kernels
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