SynDEx version 8 (alpha) includes significant changes

The SynDEx v8 (alpha) user manual may be downloaded from the documentation page.

SynDEx v8 offers a true textual language which is usable through various command-lines:
  • syndex-sdxconv translates SynDEx v7 files to SynDEx v8 files,
  • syndex is the main command-line. It loads the textual files containing the Algorithm, the Architecture and the durations specifications, and then compiles them. This compilation performs the optimized multiprocessor real-time scheduling analysis, i.e. the adequation, and (soon: in the v8-beta version) generates macro-codes;
  • syndex-durations prints durations in different ways,
  • syndex-adeq-gui displays the result of the adequation.

Algorithms (resp. Architectures) are specified in .alg (resp. .arch) textual files, using a syntax (in a fonctionnal programming style) described in a Backus-Naur form given in the user manual.

The operation durations (resp. communication durations or constraints) are specified in .fd (resp. .cd or .cts) files. The command-line syndex-durations prints durations by operator or by operation, depending on the option given.

The main command-line syndex performs the adequation. Adequation results can be dumped in a .dot file (graphviz format) with an option of the main command-line syndex (--dot-adeq). So you can compare easily two performed adequations, comparing .dot files.

The main command-line syndex will perform the corresponding actions in the given order of its options. Thus, it is possible with only one syndex command-line, to perform sequentially several adequations with different parameters (perfect to manage several tests with a Makefile). For example, you can perform twice the adequation, with two different files containing operation durations (see the user manual in section 2.2 for details).

For an interactive graphical display you can use the syndex-adeq-gui command-line: textual information displayed for each distributed operation pointed with the mouse, and colors indicating predecessor and successor relations between operations.

NB: SynDEx v7 files can be translated into SynDEx v8 files using the command-line syndex-sdxconv.

SynDEx v8 (alpha) is released for Linux 64 bits.


  • In SynDEx v8-alpha.2:
    • Files for debug removed,
    • Details about syndex-adeq-gui added in user manual.
  • In SynDEx v8-alpha.1:
    • Archive extracted in a specific directory.


SynDEx v8 (alpha) runs under Linux 64 bits platforms: