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Chapter 3  Libraries

3.1  To use libraries

To create a new application you may want to use pre-defined algorithm or architecture definitions contained in libraries. These definitions are called global definitions (vs. local definitions from the current application).
From the File menu of the principal window, choose the Specify Library Directories option. Then left click on the Add button of the dialog window and select the target directory. For example, specify the SynDEx libs directory and the examples/basic_with_library/basicLibraries directory.
To include a library in an application in order to make references to the objects it contains, from the File menu of the principal window, choose the Included Libraries option. Then check the target library. Uncheck an already included library to un-include it, provided there are no references in your application on definitions from this library.

3.2  To create a library

To create a library of algorithm or architecture definitions, you must create a .sdx file containing the definitions you need. Libraries may be located in the libs directory, at the root of your installation directory. Or you will have to specify their location to the SynDEx application (cf. section 3.1).

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